Concept of residential buildings

Man’s feelings toward scenery and architecture gradually deposit into experience in and memory of space, and wonder experience in space is the drive that elevates architectural civilization. In order for the quality of living to enhance continuously, not only should space planning and engineering thoughts be considered, but the extensive thinking of arts and humanities, as well as science and environmental protection, should also be taken into account. Only through a professional team’s rigorous execution can a “good house” be built with both structural aesthetics and space functions.

Civil and cultural behavior is actually a very interesting cycle; the people living in the environment are at the same time affected by certain “activities” and “facilities” in the environment, so the relationships between architecture & land and architecture & man are changing constantly. Such change happens continuously on the land we live, e.g. prosperity, market or political factors, and they influence directly the development and scale of architecture. The relationship between man, architecture and land has some permanent principles; if houses are only positioned as industrialized commodities, e.g. cars, electronics, etc., then the industry of architecture would be the environment’s greatest destroyer. Therefore, if the scale and role of a building is not set based on “land suitability” and “essence of environment”, it would usually lose the “compatibility” it should possess. Once the subtle relation between land, architecture and man goes off balance, it can lead to a developer’s investment failure and even, more severely, sacrifice land resources.

To pursue a better living environment is the instinct and nature of all living things; thus, when people start to feel unsatisfied with the surrounding living environment, many of them have no choice but to be forced to emigrate or “immigrate domestically”, which has become a trend; this is the same as the “migration” of animals and plants in nature. Therefore, only by following the laws of nature, as well as grasping the compatibility of “regional features” and “customer characteristics”, can the “product positioning” in the market and the natural law of “a fine bird chooses a tree and a gentleman chooses a house” be met.

When “market mechanism” is pondered over by using “natural laws”, how do designers propose viewpoints that conform to the various theories to solve issues, such as satisfaction of people’s highest demands for “quality of life”, the greatest “economic benefits”, the most suitable “environmental strategy”, etc.? Finding the greatest common divisor has become the most important problem of architectural design.

Insist on full execution from design and planning to construction and supervision, as well as adopt unified management process for supervision and operations, in the hope of presenting design originality in quality of architecture, carrying out established thinking to the full, hold correct theories and methods, and be persistent to achieve the goal.