“Home” – the ultimate heart touching construction

The “way” of architecture

“Pick chrysanthemums next to the fence on the east, in the distance the Zhongnan Mountains traverse”, this is the pastoral feeling of every Chinese, the home where the poet lamented;

“Illustrious prestige, ten thousand countries pay tribute”, the dazzling imperial palace was the home where the Emperor looked down upon the world with haughtiness;

“Canopy, aquarium, pomegranate rack”, this is the interest and charm of the siheyuan of old Beijing men, the home of civilians.

Different humanistic and cultural feelings intersect in different artistic conceptions of space, but they compose the same melody – “home”.

“I raise my chalice to invite the shining moon, the moon casts me a shadow and we have a triad”; the conception of vastness and magnanimity is missed if one is in a boisterous place with heavy traffic. A smoggy and dim-lighted pub and a green field with fresh air give people different moods and feelings. Our emotions and behavior are indeed affected unconsciously by the colors, lights, sounds and scents of different spaces, as well as the settling feeling of time; “home” is the space that is most deeply connected to our lives, so how many of our emotional sides are tolerated and influenced by it?

The intimate whispers between couples;

The happy discussions during gathering with family and friends;

The concentrative meditation when facing major decisions in life;

The despondency and emptiness brought by frustration;

The happy voices and laughter when parents play with their children;

An elder parent closes his eyes and rests on a rocking chair in the afternoon……

It is because the rich and long-existing meaning of life cannot be fully described with words that makes “home” an eternal theme which touches people deep in the heart.

Home is where my I feel safe and at ease –

We believe that a good residential space can elevate and transform the conception of life, satisfy functions and demands of multiple activities carried out by all family members, and further add brilliance to joy and inspiration to frustration, as well as offer guidance and serenity to a family member who feels lost. “This is not a small matter”, because of such believe, building structure and materials are just external appearance, thus the rich spatial conception constructed is the focus that resonates with users of residential buildings.