MS Architects

“Ming Sen Architects” is an omni-bearing professional team put together by Architect Feng-Yi Yang; its offices are located in Kaohsiung and Taipei, and the organization consists of: Ming Sen Construction Development Co., Ltd. (including Grade A construction plant + land integration and development), Ming Sen Architects and Associates (Architect Feng-Yi Yang + associated architects and team of designers), Fulin Creation Consultants Co., Ltd. (sale + planning and marketing)… Over the years, we have been devoted to the study of residence types, and discussed the dilemmas and opportunities of human life and urban development; during creation, factors such as environmental protection and health must be considered, as well as global issues of green architecture and earth resources.

We often find reasonable answers from discourses and, after integration by team members, are able to effectively gain benefits in overall designs; from base development, architectural design, interior design… to construction and supervision, we expect to present design originality in quality of architecture, as well as to carry out fully the established thinking and insist on achieving the goal. The purpose of being persistent on consistent execution is for land, architecture and man to be completely in sync. Whether it is designing an urban landmark… or a private living space, an exquisite chair… the key point is that the piece designed must move people, not its scale of construction…

 We believe deeply that “home” is the ultimate heart-touching building, thus a house should be an architect’s ultimate care, while the land is its raw material for processing. The creation of the vitality of the house and the maximum development value will require our professional abilities, and if these two matters cannot be driven simultaneously, the persistence on the ideal will be nothing but hollow words.

We hold that “architecture should be integrated into the natural environment, but it should also create the natural environment”. Because the essence of architecture is space, and the “blank” in space is to be “filled” with life. The integration of a building’s interior and outdoors is to let people enjoy more the combination of space and nature; by using the concession of building volume, natural elements (sunlight, air, water, plants) permeate into life to vitalize the space, and thus nourish life.