The essence of architecture is space

“Doors and windows are cut in a house, and just because of their emptiness, the usefulness of the house exists”; Laozi believed that the “emptiness and fullness” of all things of Heaven and Earth are dependent on and co-exist with each other, also that “being is produced from non-being” and emptiness tops fullness. We apply this concept in architectural space, so “emptiness” is not the absolute “emptiness and fullness” but a useful space. For example, a void place in a building is like the empty belly of a household utensil. It is because of their void space, emptiness and fullness are combined and being and non-being coexist, so that the building space can have people move about in it, as well as allow air to flow through it and sunlight to activate its vitality. A “blank” in space is to be “filled” with life. The integration of a building’s interior and exterior is to let people enjoy more the combination of space and nature; by using the concession of building volume, natural elements (sunlight, air, water, plants) permeate into life to vitalize the space, and thus nourish life.

Conception is imponderable perception, and for architectural space, a space must have the strength of tranquility in order to create a delightful space. People are forced to be separated from natural elements in advanced cities, so we must find them back one by one. To transform realized data into conception of mental measure, the data have to be strengthened, such as: “efficient number of pings, practical public facilities, safe structural system, humanized equipment…” We define more clearly the ultimate meaning of residence is building a “home” instead of a product!

But what exactly is the space of “home”? If there is a study, does it mean the bedrooms are less by one? If the balcony has one more ping, does it mean the indoors is less by one ping? If the kitchen can be confined, why use an open kitchen? The quantities and qualities in life require balancing, and the definition and impression of modern people toward home have far exceeded the demands. Contextual space, healthy functions and humanistic thinking have become core values in residential architecture. Therefore, the quality and philosophy of life are valued more. People’s visions are often blurred in the rapid activities and development, and their senses are numbed, causing the balance in life to be destroyed, thus the loss of the most important “quality” in life. Hence, we hope to bring residents “quality” instead of “quantity”!